About Fisher Technologies

It is simply amazing to look back and realize FTI has been around since 1997. Even in 1997 there was never a plan for FTI.

Fisher Technologies Incorporated specializes in K-12 presenting and training, Digital Photography education, capture, workflow, editing and a touch of web development.

Created by Leslie Fisher, FTI is also known as lesliefisher.com. For the record, the reason I went with FTI was because I thought calling myself lesliefisher.com was a little too pretentious. However, continually spelling fishertechinc.com while I presented got lumber some, so, I also purchased the name lesliefisher.com. It seems to roll off the tongue much easier.

I also refuse to call myself a CEO, so, technically I am the Director, however, my business cards label me as the Chief Geek.

You might have caught on to the fact that I am somewhat silly. I find that being professional with a touch of humor is usually more enjoyable for everyone. Life is too short to be boring. What would you rather have a dry and boring presentation / training session or a lively funny one?

FTI started mainly as a web development company for K-12 education. It started with 3 customers. A desire to inform, help and educate lead me to the education conference circuit. Many times training opportunities come from the conferences I present at.

I still design websites but its no longer the core of my company. Presenting makes up the majority of lesliefisher.com. I present internationally at 30 - 40 K-12 conferences, school and district locations every year on a variety of topics as well as present in the field of Digital Photography, workflow and photo editing.

As you can see, my company has become more diverse in the past few years. I work closely with Sony helping implement and educate on their Alpha line of cameras, and, consult with Adobe presenting for them at large educational conferences. I do many pre conference and conference trainings for them as well as booth and theatre presentations.

I also work closely with Blue Pixel, a leader in digital photography delivery and education. My knowledge in SLR digital photography has increased leaps and bounds because of them. I have done everything from articles, conducting seminars, digital photography trips and even help them shoot some of their projects.

The goals for FTI are simple. Treat your customers like your would your friends and family, with honesty and respect. I have been very fortunate in that many of my customers have become my friends.

I can only hope you have as much fun in work as I do mine