Presentation Topics


Do not see the topic you would like? Ask! Given enough time I can present on almost anything. I can even tie my presentation into a specific conference theme, etc.

Most of these topics are designed to be one hour talking head sessions but can be stretched and truncated if needed. I also offer half, full and multi-day training on many of these topics.

Descriptions for these topics are available in the Customer Login area of my website (password required. Please contact me for the password)


Shows what topics are the most popular.  is just that, new!



Apps, Tips, Websites and Gadgets for the Administrator

Top Apps and practices for Administrators

Responsibilities of leading with Technology

Preparing your School and District for BYOD



Adobe Apps Available on Android  (can also be iOS and Android) 

The Android App Class

Android and iOS. Classroom Apps and Websites that work on both platforms

Google Apps on Android (can also be iOS and Android)


Digital Photography and Video

Capturing and Editing Digital images and Video on your mobile device. Tips, Tricks and Apps 

Digital Photography and Photo Editing on the iOS

The Good, Bad and The Ugly. Taking Good Digital Pictures: A very fun slide show that displays how to take better pictures with anything from a point and shoot camera to a high end digital SLR.

Organizing, Editing and Sharing your Photos

Photo Editing 101 and audience requests

Photo Editing 202 and audience requests

Photo Editing and Organization

Pixlr: Free Photo Editing Online

SLR 101. Learn how to use a lens based camera 

Video 101. How to capture, edit and share video effectively. No matter what the device.

Video Capturing and Editing on the iPad


Adobe on Chromebook

A more entertaining look at Google (A collection of funny things, stories, etc about Google)

Chromebook: Why use one. How to use one as well as some great apps, tips and tricks 

Google Apps on Android and / or iPad 

Google Calendar 

Google Cardboard (includes how to create your own content) 

Google Classroom: Setting up, deploying, tips tricks and linking third party apps 

Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms. What's new, hiding and cool. 

Google Glass

Google and Photos: Capturing and Editing (Google Photosphere and Snapseed) 

Google and Photos: Storing and Sharing Your Photos (Google Photos, Drive, Picassa and Panaramio) 

Taking, Storing and Sharing Pictures with Google (A combination of the two classes listed above) 

The Google You Might Not Know About (more obscure but very cool apps, websites and solutions) 


iPad / iOS (excluding digital photography listed above)

Adobe Apps on iPad (can also be iOS and Android)  

Google Apps on iPad (can also be iOS and Android) 

iOS and Android. Classroom Apps and Websites that work on both platforms

The iOS Application Class: This class can focus on one curriculum area, all things iOS, etc. 

iOS 11 Learning, Tips and Tricks  (Due to pressumed iOS release in October, this class will be added Nov 1, 2017)

iPad 101 Get to know your iPad

iPad 201 Tips and tricks for seasoned iPad users 


Keynote Topics

Custom Keynote: I have taken and morphed many of my presentations to meet the theme / goal of the conference.

Gadgets: My most popular presentation which can be customized to be Gadget, Web 2.0 or App specific with a focus on available now or what to get ready for. 

Technology in the Classroom. What's here now and what to get ready for

Technology Time Machine: A fun look at what used to be considered technology and how those items have morphed and turned into even cooler things today and tomorrow 

The Struggle of Learning  (My personal story of a life long learner struggling in school because I lacked dynamic resources to help with individual learning and research)

Tools you can use tomorrow: A look at great websites and Apps that an educator can start using in their class right away 


Misc. Hodge Podge Topic based and Gadgetry!

A Gadgets Freaks Favorite Gadgets: My most popular presentation which can be customized to be Gadget, Web 2.0 or App specific with a focus on available now or what to get ready for. 

All About the Apple Watch 

Apps and Websites to help you research, discover, share and keep current

Apps, Tips, Websites and Gadgets for the Classroom Teacher (AKA Tools You Can Use Tomorrow)

Assessment tools. This geeks favorites. 

Augment Your Reality: QR Codes and Augmented Reality. Discover the best and create! 

BYOD: Top Tools and Implementation Ideas for the BYOD Classroom

Content Creation. Best apps and sites for the Teacher 

Content Creation. Best apps and sites for the Student 

Creating Online Animated GIFs, Memes and Avatars 

Flipping Your Class without Flipping Out

Gadgets Websites and Apps to explore and create music no matter your knowledge level 

The Group Smackdown (This is a session where the audience participates showing off their favorite website, app, gadget, etc. Very popular. Some have even done this as a late night session for people staying at the hotel) 

Leftovers with Leslie (a class designed to be presented near the end of the conference which covers all the things I was unable to show because I ran out of time. A hodge podge of everything!) 

Pokemon GO: Yep! A class about Pokemon GO. How it works and what its impact is in education currently and what it will hopefully become (Have you considered having a Pokemon GO night at your conference? I know someone who can host it! �� )

The Retro Class (Takes a look at many of the original EdTech tools and shows off their newer competitiors) 

Screencasting, Broadcasting and eLearning in your classroom on your device or computer 

Social media apps you probably are not using but your students are (Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, etc.) 

Virtual Reality. What the heck is it. Where can I find and how can I create it? 

Virtual Reality. I know it. But, what are some of the best ways to create my own VR? 





Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Apps available on the iPad and / or Android 

Adobe Captivate / Presenter

Adobe on Chromebook 

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements

Tips and Tricks: Adobe Creative Suite 6








Web 2.0

Adobe Spark (Can also be iOS based)

Evernote in Education 

Formative: Setting up and power using 

Google Calendar 

Google Docs / Drive

Kahoot! All of the cool features you might not know about 

Kahoot, Quizizz and Quizlet Live. Digging Deeper 

Making a website with Weebly 

Personal Learning Networks. What are they and how do you tap into them?

Seesaw: Setting up and power using 

The Web 2.0 You might not know about (A look at the newest and coolest Web 2.0 sites) 

Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter! (A Twitter Overview) 

Twitter for Power Users 

Twitter: How to find educational resources effectively using Twitter

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