All I know about my 15 minutes of obscure TV fame

Posted on Tuesday, April 06, 2010 Comments by Leslie Fisher in Golf

Ok! You guys rock with your support and your questions, so, I thought I would make a blog post answers the questions I have been hit with so far.

1. What the Heck?

A few of you asked what this tournament is and how the heck did I end up in it. It is the SCGA (Southern California Golf Association) Team Play. It is the head pro from a golf club along with a Male and Female Amateur from the club. The team I am playing for is Goose Creek. I consider this my home course and is the course I always head to first when I get back in town. I was honored when they asked me to join the team and I am there more to support the great course, pro and staff.

2. Qualifier?

To end up in the tournament we had to qualify. There were 3 different qualifiers. I am honestly am not sure what you needed to do to get into the qualifier but they were held at 3 different locations. We qualified at a course in Palm Springs. 14 teams played and the top 5 scores moved on.

3. TV?! When?!

Ya. I thought we would have to go through a few more rounds to end up there but, no. The first round is on TV. So far all I know is the broadcast will begin in August. They will be on Fox Sports West. Even if you do not live on the west coast there is a chance you have this channel. Its part of most cable and satellite sports packages.

My pro told me that they usually do not show the bad shots, so, if you watch me play and you barely see me, assume the worse! Happy to know my horrid stuff should not show up on TV and honestly if it does, no biggie.

4. Can I watch you in the tournament?

You sure can! All we know now is that round one will be May 25 or 26. We do not know the course yet. I will be sure to let you know once I get the details. It can be anywhere in Southern California.

I am not sure if I can let you know how we do, etc or if we have to wait for it to be aired. As you can see, I have a lot to discover!

5. What happens if you win?

I think its a progression. We try to win Southern California, then California then US, etc. I know somewhere in the deal is a trip to Malaysia. Not sure what level we need to win to get there. I also think the pro gets a big cardboard check with a bunch of zeros on it.


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