Google Glass on the Course

Posted on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Comments by Leslie Fisher in Glass, Camera / Video, Golf

I have been wanting to record a hole of golf with Glass and finally got my chance today at Los Serranos Golf Course North 18. I was golfing alone and a lot of groups were letting me play through and I did not want to play through while recording them. 

However, no one was on 18 when I got to the tee. My battery was low however. I was not able to record everything, but, I did make the two putt for par. 

Golfing with glass is pretty interesting. 

Just by watching this video I picked up that my setup and swing were a bit too quick. Also, it looks like I have a bit of a sway in my swing.

If you know me, you know I wear glasses and that is no different on the course. For Glass to looks its best I had to remove my hat and glasses. I was really surprised how my depth perception changed. Even teeing the ball was off as well as my alignment to the marker on the tee. Distances did not feel correct. 

You will not see the ball too much in this video. The location of the video player is high up on the eye and I would really have to move my head in a way not conducive of golf to enable the ball strike to be seen. 

My game is a mess right now so I have a lesson set for next week. I plan to ask my coach to wear Glass for part of it. Should be interesting to see if it helps post lesson. 


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