Google Glass: Quick Introduction

Posted on Monday, November 11, 2013 Comments by Leslie Fisher in Glass, Screencasting

While on the road and trying to fall asleep in a hotel bed, I theorized that I could create a setup that would allow me to show you My Google Glass screen while I interacted with it. Sure enough, it worked! So, here is a really quick demonstration of Google Glass and an outline of the setup I am using. 

You will see some lag in the video. The problem is not glass, it is not Bluetooth. Its simply the lag of the recording. Glass is pretty zippy in its responsiveness. 

Technology used in this presentation. 

Google Glass: That thing on my head

Screencast O Matic: Allows me to record my computer screen as well as use the video camera of my MacBook to record me

MyGlass App: Currently only out for Android. This app allows me to configure my Google Glass but also Screencast which shows you what I am looking at through Glass. Also, I can actually control Glass by swiping on the phone when its Screencasting. Very handy when people are trying my Glass out. 

Sony XPeria S Phone: Android based phone which allows me to screencast. 

iPevo Ziggi HD Doc Cam: My trusty go with me everywhere Doc Cam. It is capturing the phone which I am then displaying on my Mac for Screencast O Matic to capture. 

So, here is a quick overview of Google Glass. I will be using this setup to add additional blog posts. 

Want to see something specific about Glass? Let me know. I will try to add it!


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