About Leslie Fisher

I am happily amazed how many people stumble onto my website and fire off an email to me. Many times it's who the heck are you? Or, the monthly "Are you the Leslie Fisher that went to so and so high school".

So, here are the basics.

As you may have already figured out, I am the Director of Fisher Technologies Inc, or lesliefisher.com. I specialize in K-12 Educational Technology conference and event presentation services as well as on site and online professional development.

I somewhat fell into starting my own company. I was at Apple Computer for 5 years as a K-12 Senior Systems Engineer. I had 1/3 of Los Angeles as my territory based out of the Irvine office. Apple hit some tough times in 1997 and I was let go. I am still amazed they chose to let me go, but, it all worked out wonderfully in the end.

At Apple, I worked closely with K-12 educators as well as Apple corporate on product information and direction. I was at Apple when the internet took off and I was smitten. I am a huge fan of efficiency and saw the web as a vehicle for that.

When I was let go, I sent an email out to my customer base simply saying goodbye and giving them my personal information in case they wanted to do lunch, etc. Within an hour of sending the email my phone rang off the hook with job offers in web development, training and more. Some even said tell me what you want to do and I will see if I can make it work. I created FTI and went to work for 3 different school districts providing web development services.

I then decided to add conference presenting to my company. Well, I fell into that as well. Someone was sick who was suppose to present at a conference and I went from Attendee to Presenter. The coordinator knew me from my days at Apple. I did some conference work for them and word of mouth and referrals now has conference presenting and professional development as the core of my company. I present at close to 30 - 40 conferences a year as well as offer on site professional development. United Airlines knows me well.

Even in college, I was not a geek. In fact, I was a music major. I honestly did not know what I wanted to do for a profession. I was a mean musician. I played flute and piccolo all through elementary, middle and high school in Southern California. In fact, I went to the first California Magnet School, USC 32nd Street Elementary. Its pretty simple to explain why I ended up going to USC, they brainwashed me young!

I started USC as a music major. While interning at a recording studio my Junior year, I watched as a Macintosh was used to run time code for a string section. I wanted to know more about this computer and the role it had in music. I bought a 300 baud modem and dived into the world of BBS's looking for music resources. I fell in love with the Macintosh so much that I thought it would be best to change my major seeing I wanted to spend the rest of my life being as geeky as possible. I switched to the USC Marshall School of Business and graduated with a BS in Marketing in 1990.

I struggled all through school. I read quite slowly with the exception of reading music. I constantly fell behind but never wanted to admit it. Content would become confusing to me and I would get frustrated and lose interest. It was not until the iPhone was released that I realized how much I enjoyed learning. I simply had to discover the best methods and tools to do so. Mobile technology and the variety of apps has enabled me to research more effectively and engage me in a way customized for my brain matter. I think it is one of the reasons I love presenting so much. I know one item can make such a difference to one person and when that person is a teacher or a teacher with a struggling student? It's pretty awesome to have an impact on them. 

In case you are wondering if I am your childhood Leslie Fisher, I am probably not. My maiden name is Leslie Goldsmith. Fisher is simply the only leftover from a marriage which ended in 2000. I grew up mainly in Southern California and spent a few years of High School in Vermont.

And my slight accent that most people cannot place? A product of being born in Bucks County, PA in June of 1967.

I kid about my current life as work hard, play hard, nap hard. I am lucky to surround myself with a wonderful mom (pops said goodbye to us in December 2016) and a wonderful group of friends. Many I have met while presenting in education. If I am not on the road there is a good chance you will find me drinking wine with friends, beating the heck out of a little white golf ball and always wanting to educate and more importantly, learn in almost everything I do.