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About Fisher Technologies (which I most of the time I simply call lesliefisher.com)

It is simply amazing to look back and realize lesliefisher.com has been around since 1997. Even in 1997 there was never a plan for lesliefisher.com.

Fisher Technologies Incorporated specializes in K-12 Educational Technology conference and event presentation services as well as on site and online professional development.

Created by Leslie Fisher, Fisher Technologies is also known as lesliefisher.com.

I also refuse to call myself a CEO, so, technically I am the Director, however, my business cards label me as the Chief Geek.

lesliefisher.com started in 1997 mainly as a web development company for K-12 education. It started with 3 customers. A desire to inform, help and educate lead me to the educational technology conference circuit. Many times additional conferences as well as professional development opportunities come from the conferences I present at. I have never advertised nor paid to spotlight my work. You can get a feel for what I think is an engaging, practical and entertaining presentation style from many a happy conference attendees by taking a look at my testimonials page (I do not mention this page when I present. Happy people find it on their own) and some of my favorite tweets from attendees of my presentations.  

I stopped designing websites over a decade ago. Presenting makes up the majority of lesliefisher.com. I present globally at 30 - 40 K-12 conferences, school and district locations yearly on various topics. You can see my topic listing here

I tend to keep my presentations fast paced and entertaining, but, balanced. I am a big beliver in the individual learner and the teacher using the items they discover in a customized way for the students in their class. I would rather touch base on more items than less simply due to the fact that it might add more resources for said teacher to posess in their knowledge to deploy in their classroom. I can however easily adapt to an audience than might not be fully tech savvy or a group wanting a deeper dive into specific items.

The goals for lesliefisher.com are simple. Treat your customers like you would your friends and family. With honesty, respect and dedication to their goals. I have been fortunate that many of my customers have also become my friends.

I can only hope you have as much fun in work as I do mine