Rocketbook Signing

The logo Rocketbook

Not sure what this thing is? You can find out more about the Rocketbook Everlast Executive from here or check out my Learn about the Rocketbook page which includes animated .gifs, a presentation and even a webinar all for free!

Many conferences have asked if I have a book for signing. Well, now I kinda do! 

If you are at a conference and I am presenting at it there is a really good chance I have some of these available for sale. I might even be having a book signing during the conference. If you are a conference coordinator planning to bring me to your conference I will be more than happy to talk to you about book signing opportunities. I can even bring the books if that makes things easier for you. There are also some topics I present that include a brief overview of how the Rocketbook works. 

Hired me for Professional Development? Some sites have purchased Rocketbooks for each attendee and have started their professional development with me providing an overview of how the Rocketbook works. 

At conferences, I am bundling my Rocketbook with my Tier One Membership for $75 or standalone for $30 and if you would like, I will sign your Rocketbook for you!

Not at a conference and want one and do not want to bundle it with a membership? You can purchase them in my online store

Planning to be a member but not sure about the Rocketbook? When you join there will be an optional opportunity to purchase an autographed Rocketbook in your Folder of Offerings within the membership section of my site. 

The Rocketbook includes a cloth as well as a .7 Frixion Black Pen.