Webinar Inquiry

I am excited to start offering many of my topics online via webinar

Webinars are offered in a variety of formats.

Personal Webinars:

Enjoy Professional Development and learning all from the comfort of your couch or desk. I offer free and low cost webinars monthly and if needed can provide a learning certificate for my educational related subjects.

Want to order multiple low cost webinars to use within your school and district? You can do that! I can set up a redemption code that you can share with whomever you want and I can then send you a list of what email addresses redeemed what. You can either purchase them online or request an invoice

Want to suggest a specific topic for my webinars? You can do so here.

Webinars for your School or District:

I also provide webinar services for your school or district. Everything from hourly, all day, multi day as well as purchasing customized school and district webinar packs for future use. As mentioned above I also offer redemption codes that you can buy in bulk for my existing low cost webinar series that your can distribute to whoever you would like. 

You can use this form to request additional information or express a specific interest in having me show up at your location virtually.