10 Redemption Codes for Leslie Fisher’s Monthly Webinars

Monday, December 31, 2018
5:00pm - 6:00pm

Your Couch, Desk, Backyard, etc. (Map)

Please disregard the date and time. These are available anytime I am offering one of my fee based Webinars. 

You can purchase codes in bulk to attend my monthly webinars! Perfect for someone who wants to use them as gifts or to distribute to educators and staff within your school or district. 

Please note a few things...

Purchase codes will not be sent to you automatically. I will be notified of the sale and will then generate the code for you.

You will be given one code that you can distribute to whomever you would like based on the number of packs you purchased. 

If you would like a Google Sheet can be set up for you showing when someone registers for a webinar and who they are. 

Do you need to purchase via Purchase Order? No problem. Just let me know via this form and I can invoice you.