Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - Friday, November 9, 2018 (all day)

Atlanta, GA (Map)

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My Schedule: (All Concurrent Sessions in Salon 4) 

Wednesday November 7, 2018

12:15 PM  -  1:10 PM All About The Rocketbook

1:30 PM  -  2:25 PM Gadgets!

3:15 PM  -  4:10 PM Top Tech Tips for Busy Administrators 

5:00 - 7:00 Rocketbook Signing (South Lobby)

Thursday November 8, 2018

8:00 AM  -  8:55 AM Tools You Can Use Tomorrow

9:45 AM  -  10:40 AM Make Mine a Mixed Reality

11:00 AM  -  11:55 AM All About The Merge Cube

1:30 PM  -  2:25 PM Amazon Alexa For Home and School

3:15 PM  -  4:10 PM The Google You Might Not Know About

4:30 PM  -  5:25 PM Adobe Gone Mobile


Friday November 9, 2018

8:30 AM  -  9:25 AM iOS 12

9:45 AM  -  10:40 AM The Group Smackdown

11:00 AM  -  11:55 AM Leftovers with Leslie

After Closing Session Rocketbook Signing (South Lobby)

Topics and Descriptions

EVENT: Rocketbook Signing

Many conferences I present at ask if I have a book for sale. Now, I kinda do! ...

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All About The Rocketbook

I have mentioned the Rocketbook in my Gadgets presentation for a few years now and was happy ...

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Whether you have been to Leslies gadget class before or you are brand new, this class is ...

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Top Apps and Practices for Busy Administrators

With the ever changing dynamic of technology, it is often tough for Educational Leaders and Administrators to ...

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Tools You Can Use Tomorrow

What a fantastic time to be using technology in the classroom. The amount of free, affordable and ...

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Make Mine a Mixed (Reality)

Combine Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and you have, tada! Mixed Reality. More and more of the ...

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Merge Cube: It’s best apps, tips, tricks, insights and stories from the classroom

I proudly was a large part of Merge Cube madness. My tweet on Presidents day sent an ...

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Amazon Alexa for your Home and Classroom

Alexa is about more than just turning on music or ordering more paper towels from Amazon. Learn ...

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The Google You Might Not Know About

Part interesting stories as well as resource discovery. In the session you will discover some of ...

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Adobe Gone Mobile

Bring your tablet and get ready to learn all about all the Apps available from Adobe. They ...

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iOS 11 Learning, Tips and Tricks

But... This one goes to 11. 😉 This session will overview of all the new features, tips ...

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The Group Smackdown

This class is all about YOU! Bring your favorite website, app, gadget, whatever and be prepared to ...

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Leftovers with Leslie

This class will go over as many gadgets, apps and websites that Leslie was unable to show ...

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