Leslie’s Got Rocketbooks. Learn what the heck they are

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
5:00pm - 6:30pm

Your Couch, Desk, Backyard, etc. (Map)

This webinar will introduce you to the Rocketbook which is a reusable smart notebook available in many formats and sizes. 

You will learn why it was developed, how it works, what pens to use with it, where you can find said pens, how to use the Rocketbook App, how to care for your Rocketbook, how some teachers are using Rocketbook in and out of the classroom and if you are lucky a possible surprise or two. No. It’s not free Rocketbooks, but, if that thought makes you happy just keep on thinking it. 😊 

Why a Rocketbook Webinar besides the thing is unique and kinda cool?

The Gang at Rocketbook contacted me when they discovered I was talking about their product in a few of my presentations. From that conversation came the idea for a logo'd lesliefisher.com Rocketbook. 

It’s now available in my online store and is available at some conferences bundled and signed with my membership for $75  Already a member? Check out your Folder of Offerings for a reduced cost autographed Rocketbook. 

I have even had some conferences and professional development clients purchase every person a Rocketbook and have asked me to start my day with a Rocketbook overview or include a session about the Rocketbook (it is now a standalone presentation I offer as well as part of a session called The Art of the Capture)

So, seeing I am making a slew of slides about the Rocketbook anyway why not offer it up as a free webinar as well. 

There you have it. If you read all of that yammering here is a back pat (pat pat pat)

Length of Webinar: 60 minutes

Cost of Webinar: Free! Leslie even promises she will not pester you to buy one of her Rocketbooks and might even share a discount code to purchase a regular Rocketbook. 

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