The Group Smackdown Webinar

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
5:00pm - 6:00pm PST

Your Couch, Desk, Backyard, etc. (Map)

I have never been a fan of calling it a smackdown, so, let's call it a share! Have something you would love other people to know about because it's making such a powerful impact in education? Here is your chance. You will have 5 minutes (or less if you want) to share. Be prepared! You will become a panelist in the webinar which will allow everyone to hear you as well as allow you to share your device so everyone can see. Don't worry. You do not have to toggle on the video if you do not want to, but, ya might want to brush your hair just in case. 

For your item to be considered for the share you must fill out the form below. This form also contains a video that will show you how the panelist option in Zoom works

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Recording and / or distributing this webinar without my permission is prohibited. 

Length of Webinar: 60 minutes

Please note! Because of my ever changing schedule and conference opportunities this date is tentative. Please consider this a save the date. I will officially set a date on or near this one 4 - 6 weeks out. Click the button below to be added to an interest list. I will email that list once a date is set. 

This webinar is free, but, there is a Pay Anyway option if you would like to help offset the webinar and support fees Leslie has to pay for each webinar. 

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