This Event Page Has Expired

My slides are made available to download for conference attendees during the conference and 14 days afterward. 

You can.......

Purchase individual versions of the presentations for $4.99 each. These will have more slides than the version that was provided during the conference and will also be 1up per page with a lighter watermark. You will also be updated via email for 6 months when content is added to the presentation. 

Become a member. This will give you access to all of my presentations for a year and you will be emailed when those presentations are updated. Membership also includes some other features such as a weeklyish tech tidbit video blog and a random surprise here and there. There is a yearly recurring fee which is $50 and then $60 when it renews next year. 

"Pester" Leslie. Let me know what specific conference you were at and what session(s) you were in and I will dig around to see if I still have the presentation stored somewhere.