Membership Options

Want to download all of my slides for free for 365 days a year and be notified when they are updated?

Well, now you can!

My membership program is currently a full year (at time of signup) of access to all of my slides for you to download. You will even be notified when the presentation is updated. There are some additional membership features which are described below.

Some things to point out:

Saw me present at a conference or webinar? Those presentations are free for you during the event and 14 days afterwards. I should have given you the access information during the conference. If not, contact me and whap me on the head virtually.

Only looking to purchase one or two presentations? You are able to do so on my Purchase Presentation Slides page. You will get free updates for 6 months on each individual presentation you purchase.

These slides are for your use and not to be posted online, onsite, shared with piles o people, etc. If you are a school or district looking to purchase my presentations please contact me.


Are these slide different than the ones your present with?

Yes and No with the longer term answer being yes! These slides are single one up with a 10% watermark compared to the 25% watermark two up slides you get at a conference/webinar. Also. Most of my presentations are prepared in a three-hour + format. If you received one of my presentations at a conference there is a good chance the membership version has more content.

Also, over the next few months, I will be adding multiple video snippets to these presentations of the items I usually demonstrate during a presentation. That way if you have never seen me present it or you want a video companion of some of the items along with the slides you will be set!

What format are the slides in?

They are .pdf format with a slight watermark.

What Presentations are available now?
  • All About The Rocketbook
  • Amazon Alexa for Home and Classroom
  • Capturing Effective Photos and Videos on your Mobile Device
  • Creating Animated GIF, Memes and Avatars
  • Google Classroom. Nuts, Bolts Accessories
  • Adobe Gone Mobile
  • Adobe Gone Mobile Extended (video demo snippets)
  • Augment Your Reality
  • BYOD Storytelling Tools
  • Chromebook Tire Kick
  • Discovering and Creating Virtual Reality
  • Gadgets!
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Drive, Docs, Sheets. Tips and Tricks
  • Google Keep
  • iOS 11
  • Smart Home 101
  • Social Media Apps Your Students Are Using
  • The Art of the Capture
  • The Google You Might Not Know About
  • The Merge Cube. What it is and how it’s being used in the Classroom
  • The Osmo Class
  • The Web You Might Not Know About
  • Tools You Can Use Tomorrow
What Presentations Will Be Posted Sooner Than Later?
  • Capturing Effective Photos and Videos on your Mobile Device
  • Evernote
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Photos
  • Leading with Technology
  • Making Music Online (and with gadgets) For All Knowledge Levels
  • Twitter
  • Any new presentation that is requested by a conference in 2019.
I remember seeing Tiers once. What happened to those?

The plan was in 2019 to add additional tiers of Memberships which focused on webinars. I have been quite fortunate that 2019 will be a busy year meaning, lots of updates to presentations, new presentations, etc. However, my schedule will not allow me to provide a monthly webinar. So, tiers are on hold for now until I get a better feel for how well I can integrate future webinars into my schedule.

What's This About a Rocketbook?

Yes! I have a custom Rocketbook that I have been bundling at a reduced fee if you become a member.

- If you are at a conference, event or Professional Development day with me there is a good chance I have these with me for sale and if you want, signed. They are available to you on site for $25 if you purchase a membership. If you are interested find me and we will get you membered up! The larger the event the more chance I might also have some book signing events while there.

- If you are interested in the Rocketbook only I have them available for sale on my website for $25 (with an additional $10 for shipping and handling)

- Already a member? Check out your folder of offerings for a reduced fee Rocketbook.