Contact Information

You can reach me by:


(626) 817-3195 

This is my Google Voice number so when you call it, not only will I get a voicemail (should you decide to leave one) I will also get an email and SMS text message.

I will almost always returns calls within 24 hours. Phone is the quickest way to get to me. If you have a technical question, you may want to e-mail me so you can completely describe the situation. I usually return e-mail within 1-2 days depending if I am on vacation or at a conference.


I am hanging out many places online posting content. Feel free to find me at the following locations: 

 On Twitter you can find me @lesliefisher

 My Facebook Page is

 My YouTube Channel is

 On Instagram I am at lesliegolf but don't get too excited. I do not think I have posted a single photo. 

 My LinkedIn is and I am still wondering why LinkedIn is so popular

 You can also subscribe to my Newsletter at

 I would share my website URL but you are kinda here already 😊