After a trip abroad, I revisit Microsoft Translator

Categories: Gadgetry, Video

A few months ago I mentioned my discovery of Mictosoft Translator. A robust app availble on many platforms that performs a variety of laguage translations. I highlighted the fact that Micsoroft Translator could be a handy backchannel tool as well as a broadcast tool and in each of those settings supported tranlation in multiple languages simultaneously. 

After a week in Shanghai trying out both Google Translate as well as Microsoft Translator there was a clear winner. While Google Translate was great at quickly translating a sign via augmented reality, Microsoft Translator reigned victorious everywhere else I needed translation help. In fact, on a daily basis locals were asking the name of the app because it was working out so effectivwely. 

I made a video overviewing Microsoft Translator and the things I discovered about it that helped me communicate more effectively in a foreign country,