Mac to Mac Screen Share and Control. It’s Even Built In!

Categories: MacOS, Video

My mom thinks I know every thing about a Mac and when she tries to describe her technology situation over the phone it can be entertaining at times. As I was trying to figure out a way to better help my mom I discovered the Screen Share app tucked away in the most recent operating systems of your Mac. 

It's simple to use. You can choose whether you let the person sharing to your device only see your screen but also see and control it. You can also hear their audio. 

I have used this a few times with my fellow Mac owner friends and it has helped in everything from helping them with a support type question to mooching their screen to let me test something across a network. 

I bet this app will be helpful for you as well inside and outside of your classroom. 

A big thank you to Brandon Petersen (@den_petersen) for helping me with this demo. 

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