Revisiting iOS Screen Sharing 2018 Style

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As part of revamping my website I took at look at website statistics and this was by far the most popular blog post. So, I figured let's update it for 2018

Have a Mac and an iOS device? Then, you are simply a USB cable away from sharing your iOS device to your Mac. If that Mac is connected to a projector and speaker then you are all set to share it with your classroom or audience.

This is how I have shared my iOS devices with audiences since December of 2014.

Every conference and possibly every session someone comes up to me and asks me how I was so easily projecting my iOS device while jumping between its screen and Keynote. Sometimes they are a PC user. So, for this video I added Reflector Teacher which both Macs and PCs can use to wireless mirror not only iOS devices, but, Chomecast, Android, Surface, Fire as well as Miracast. It's only $14.99 and works on both Mac and PC. The devices sharing to your screen do not need to purchase anything. It also mirrors multiple devices to a Mac or PC at once as you will see in the video below. If you need to view multiple devices at one this is your product.

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