Rewordify. Making the difficult easier to read and adding some education on top of it.

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I have been showing Rewordify for a few years now but will plead guilty to not showing it as often as I should. In the video below I give you a brief introduction to this great website which takes difficult words and rewords them and then offers a host of other way to learn about all the words in play. Below the video, I also share an email from the teacher that created and maintains this website. 

I asked Neil Goldman to help explain all of the features of Rewordify to me. He was kind enough to send me this:

  1. intelligently simplifies difficult English text unlike any other site on the Internet. It does not blindly replace words with synonyms; it uses proprietary technology to simplify difficult text based on part of speech, context, and other factors.
  2. It recognizes over 58,000 difficult words and phrases, and changes them to simpler versions for better understanding and comprehension.
  3. You can change the difficulty level of the words that are simplified, and the way that the site rewords text, in dozens of different ways via the "Settings" page.
  4. The site has a huge library of most pieces of classic literature that can be simplified as needed.
  5. Creating a free account lets you save and share links to any block of text you paste in and rewordify, to easily integrate the site into your lesson plans and teacher web pages.
  6. The site dynamically teaches students vocabulary based on any block of text via Learning Sessions, which continuously checks for understanding and reteaches until mastery is reached.
  7. You can create free vocabulary lists, quizzes, and other vocabulary learning materials for any block of text you paste into the site.
  8. is completely free. Use it throughout your district as much as you like. There is no software to buy, nothing to install, no site license to obtain. Your IT staff does not have to configure or set anything up. Just point your computers to and start using it. The site can handle large numbers of users. is highly secure and compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA).
  9. has helped millions of people read more and understand more since its creation in 2013.
  10. It is an excellent technology foundation for differentiation by interest and readiness. It can result in a classroom where each student is learning from their own high-interest material, adjusting the difficulty as necessary. Let your students create and complete their own quizzes and learning materials! With, spend more time teaching students how to read and less time typing out and grading quizzes.
  11. The free Educator Central feature package lets educators create student accounts, create assignments, and easily monitor their students' reading and learning.

Leslie, one of the biggest obstacles to more adoption, I think, is the ongoing disbelief that the site is free and that nothing needs to be purchased or installed in the school. Many people cannot seem to wrap their head around this. is a computer program that can't read. Make sure that people know about what's on this page.

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