When Lanyards Attack. Share your story and / or laugh at others

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At ISTE 2014 I got the idea to make a lanyard for myself that I could also hand out to friends, attendees, etc. 

The whole process has turned out to be more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. Many teachers (close to 400) have requested lanyards without even being at an event and another 1000 lanyards or so have been handed out at events. There is even now a super secret limited edition lanyard that you might bump into during your conference travels. See me at a conference? There is a good chance I have a lanyard stash just waiting for you to ask for one. 

During the process of designing these lanyards I asked my educator friends many design questions. While there was never a consensus on a look and utility that worked for everyone (nor will there ever be) one thing ran true. Lanyards love to mess with educators. 

I began to hear all sorts of lanyard shenanigans / mishaps. Some of the stories left me and many other educator friends laughing. Even crying. 

I suggested a place of refuge. A place where you could share your story and read others. 

So, here it is. Want to tell a story? Use the commenting section below. You can do so by either using your email address or as a guest. Any email address used will not be posted or used by me for marketing, etc. 

A heads up that I might tell your story in a presentation. This might be a fun slide show to play before one of my presentations. 

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