Presentation Slides

 Where are your slides?

My slides are made available for conference attendees during the conference or webinar and 14 days afterward. If you were in one of my sessions you should have been provided a link to access my slides for that conference at the beginning of the presentation. If you are still in my presentation and wandered in late (by the way. I never mind late people. Sometimes they tried another session and it simply did not work for them and headed to me. I appreciate that! Ok. Rambling over) ask a buddy near you for the link. If not, you can contact me and virtually whap me on the head. I forget sometimes. I blame age. 

If you have not seen me present in awhile or saw me present and are curious what other presentations I have, I now offer low-cost presentation downloads as well as a membership option which would give you access to all of my presentation slides and their updates for a year.