Current Presentation Slides

 Where are all of your slides?

My slides are made available for conference attendees during the conference or webinar and 14 days afterwards. If you were in one of my sessions you should have been provided a link to access my slides for that conference at the beginning of the presentation. If not, you can contact me and virtually whap me on the head. I forget sometimes. I blame age. If you showed up late for a session feel free to hang out till the end to get the link or ask a buddy sitting near you. 

I am in the process of adding low cost presentation downloads as well as a membership option which would give you access to all of my presentation slides and their updates for a year.

This will allow you to download presentations that I might not have shown at the conference you were attending or newer versions of presentations you might have seen me present in the past. In the near future these presentations will also have video snippets of the items I would usually demonstrate while presetting. 

If you would like to be notified when the membership / low fee option is officially announced, please provide your name and email address below and I will contact you accordingly.