Learn About The Rocketbook

Not sure what this thing is? It's a reusable smart notebook. 


1. Get a Rocketbook Everlast (I even have one for sale at the bottom of the page. I also usually have a small pile for sale at conferences) 

2. Be sure to use to use the Frixion Erasable Pen it showed up with (you can buy Frixons in all sorts of types and colors. Here is a list of my favorites

3. Jot down some notes

4. Download the Rocketbook App to save your notes into a variety of locations including email, Evernote and Google Drive. 


5. How do you save Rocketbook notes to the cloud? Look at the bottom of each Rocketbook page. You will see 7 icons. Those icons can be customized with the Rocketbook App to save your pages to a variety of cloud-based locations. Place an X on the icon(s) that correspond to the location you want to send your notes to. 

6. After you place one or more X's on your Rocketbook page, use the app to capture the page. It will be stored in whatever cloud service you have set up to correspond with that Rocketbook icon. 

Here is this Rocketbook Page in Google Drive

7. Want to get rid of your notes? Just put some water on the microfiber cloth that was included or any other cloth-like item you have sitting around and wipe the note clean. 

Want to know more? You can find out more about the Rocketbook Everlast Executive from the Rocketbook Website here and watch my 11-minute video demo of this product here.

Want to know even more? There are links below that give you free access to my Rocketbook presentation as well as my Rocketbook Webinar. There is even a link to purchase a lesliefisher.com Rocketbook. 

Please forgive the wacky alignment of the buttons below. There is nothing I can do about it. Well, there is but it would take way too long. For the record, I discussed this with my shopping cart company and they are in full agreement and bringing this up with "the geeks"