Pre Presentation Videos

You have asked and asked for them. Now, I finally get off my duff and provide them.

Seen me present before? Then, there is a good chance you have seen me show some funny videos before the presentation. 

I have had some people ask me why I do this. I am fortunate to often have my rooms fill and quickly. Sometimes 30 minutes before, but, there are still a few open seats. Some of you might have been in a session with me when I started presenting early because the seats were full and they deemed the session closed. 

But, I digress. 

So, there I am with a pile of people and 30 minutes to spare and a few open seats. I figured, entertain them! So, I started playing some of my favorite Safe For Work videos. 

It has somewhat backfired in a great way. People love the videos, but, they show up even earlier so they won't miss any. 

Below you will see two things. 

One is a form which I hope you will fill out to share with me a Safe For Work video that you love. The more people I have suggesting videos for me the better you will be entertained when you are sitting in said seat. 

Below the form is a playlist of the videos I show. If you look in the upper left corner of the video you will see three lines and a triangle. That will display the videos based on when they were posted online.

Enjoy! And, please suggest a video as well!