Membership Options

Please note! You have stumbled (nice work ya sleuth!) into the soft opening of my new membership option. The button below works, but, as of now only has a few presentations available. I will be adding more in the upcoming weeks. 

Want to download all of my slides for free for 365 days a year and be notified when they are updated? 

Well, now you can! 

I will be offering tiered membership. Currently, I have one tier available. One full year of access to all of my slides for you to download. You will even be notified when the presentation is updated. 

Cost? $50.00 per year. 

Some things to point out:

Saw me present at a conference or webinar? Those presentations are free for you during the event and 14 days afterwards. I should have given you the access information during the conference. If not, contact me and whap me on the head virtually. 

Only looking to purchase one or two presentations? You will soon be able to do so on my Purchase Presentation Slides page. You will get free updates for 6 months on each individual presentation you purchase. 

In the future, I will be adding another membership tier providing access to online videos of previously conducted webinars. That will be a higher end membership level which can be added to a tier one membership. I will post information about that tier once it is in place. 

These slides are for your use and not to be posted online, onsite, shared with piles o people, etc. If you are a school or district looking to purchase my presentations please contact me

This is new to me so I apologize for any bumps in the road we might encounter. I will try my best to make this as smooth and valuable to you as possible. 



Are these slide different than the ones your present with?

Yes and No with the longer term answer being yes! These slides are single one up with a 10% watermark compared to the 25% watermark two up slides you get at a conference/webinar. Also. Most of my presentations are prepared in a three-hour + format. If you received one of my presentations at a conference there is a good chance the membership version has more content.

Also, over the next few months, I will be adding multiple video snippets to these presentations of the items I usually demonstrate during a presentation. That way if you have never seen me present it or you want a video companion of some of the items along with the slides you will be set! 

What format are the slides in?

They are .pdf format with a slight watermark. 

What Presentations are available now?

Adobe Gone Mobile, Extended version with video snippets

Augment Your Reality


iOS 11

Smart Home 101

The Google You Might Not Know About

The Web 2.0 You Might Not Know About

Tools You Can Use Tomorrow

The following slides will be added soon

Exploring and Creating Virtual Reality
Google Classroom

The following slides should be added in the next 4-6 weeks

Capturing Effective Photos and Videos on your Mobile Device
Chromebook Tire Kick
Google Calendar
Google Drive, Docs, Sheets. Tips and Tricks
Google Photos
Leading with Technology
Making Music Online (and with gadgets) For All Knowledge Levels

I have new presentations planned for this year and once I create those presentations I will be adding them for you to download:

March: Social media apps your students are using that you might not know about

April:  Creation Tools for Both Teachers and Students

A Heads Up!

Many of my presentations are designed to be presented in three-hour blocks. If you buy more than one presentation or become a member (which I hope you do) you might see the same slides in multiple presentations.This is so I can augment the presentation that will best suit the location I am presenting at. I will toggle on and off slides based on the other presentations I might be presenting at that location or conference.