Testimonials From Before

Did you leave a testimonial before my new site or curious about the Testimonials before March 2018? Here they are:

When I go to a conference I try to plan my day around watching Leslie's presentations. She always has very informative and fun presentations. She shares her information in such a way that a geek like me can become informed of new technologies as well as present it in a way that the layman gets a full experience out of it as well. She is an asset to any conference she is at.

Leslie presented at Digital Day in Dallas last year. It was a two-day event. She was great. Really seemed to know what she talked about and kept it interesting. She kept it simple enough to understand but did not present like she was talking down to us. Had a great time and would love to see her present again.

Melanie Holtsman
I saw Leslie present at NECC 09 and ISTE 10 and each time made sure to attend her sessions. She has a fun loving style that keeps you engaged during your conference exhaustion. Her iPhone app tips have had a huge impact on my productivity and I find myself sharing them with others over and over again. Her presentation on photography not only gave me some great tips as a DSLR newbie they are great tips for folks choosing what makes a great image to use for a presentation. It's obvious Leslie loves what she does and I continue to learn from her on twitter and facebook. She is a MUST HAVE conference presenter!

Deb Truskey
I had the great opportunity to see Leslie at the ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) conference in February of 2010. I was ... I know this sounds corny ... spellbound. Really. I instantly felt like I wanted to meet Leslie for a glass of wine at the end of the day. She has a wonderful talent for putting really geeky stuff into easy to understand, helpful and relevant terms for everyone. Also, Leslie has a terrific sense of humor. What a great combination! I saw her iPhone presentation. I still refer to my notes because her information about apps, resources and iPhone features is invaluable.
In addition to hearing Leslie at this conference, she makes herself available to her "fans" via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and other connections. Leslie is truly a wonderful talent that willing shares her wealth of information.
I can't wait to catch her next presentation at ICE!
Deb Truskey
Chicago, IL

angel rangel
I got a chance to attend the Digital Days Workshop when it was here in Houston back in April of 2010. Leslie was a fantastic instructor and made the class fun, interesting, and informative all at the same time. I was so inspired by the class that I am perusing photography as a professional career.

angel rangel
I got to attend the Digital Days Photography class back in April of 2010 when it came here to Houston. Leslie was our main instructor for the day. She made the class fun and informative. I learned in 3hrs what I had been trying to do for the last three years thanks to Leslie, she made things simple and easy to understand. I was so inspired by the class that I am currently pursuing a career in professional photography. Leslie has been a big part of that decision and has been very supportive via facebook and twitter. I love that she is so interactive with her fans and followers.

Robert Duty
I met Leslie in Miami (Sony Digital Days) in May ... we all had an extremely great time. She kept us engaged with her quirky style of presenting and time went by way too quickly. I can't wait to see her again ... and maybe next time play a round of golf with her! The only thing she did not teach us was how to get Sony to comp us all with A900's. Well... Leslie, did we run out of time before that little piece of information was revealed? 😊

Kristi Bush
I have attended many of Leslie's sessions over the years, and each and every one has taught me something new! Leslie is extremely knowledgeable and connects well with her audience. Her mix of humor and wisdom are a winning combination for any audience.

Mary Jane Moss
Leslie has been coming to the Georgia Educational Technology Conference for several years. You can bet any presentation she gives will be great! Even topics you did not think you were interested in-- you will be after Leslie finishes! Never a boring moment and she has such a great personality.

I just say you about 2 hours ago at ITEC Iowa and loved all the things that I learned and she was really funny too

Robin Wofford
A friend of mine dragged me into one of your presentations at GaETC. She said, "This is about to change your life." It did. Now I pretty much wanna be like Leslie Fisher when I grow up... Except I'm already grown up. But I just want to say to everyone, if you have a chance to hear this woman present or are lucky enough to be in a training session with her, do it! You will not regret it. Leslie, I will be in every one of your sessions next year at GaETC!

Robin Wofford, Guybrarian

Laura Who'dat Dauterive
Enjoyed the Gadgets! presentation. Great topics all day. Wish I could have stayed for them all! 😊

Christy Rougeau
Leslie - I love love love you!!! Your presentation was informative, funny, and just great fun! I'd go to any presentation you give just to listen to you. Thanks to you I now NEED the iPad - it would make a great Christmas present!

Lynda Palao
I recently saw Leslie present at the LACUE conference. She was witty and interesting and kept my attention. She shared a wealth of information in a very short time period. The information shared was wonderful and I can't wait to use it in my class!

Katy Peveto
I attended several of your presentations at LaCue last week. I look forward to using my new knowledge! Thank you!

Katy Peveto
Frasch Elementary
Sulphur, LA

I saw Leslie at Ties 2010 in Minneapolis. She was a ball of exciting energy. I got a lot out of her presentation and will be using many of the websites she shared, as well as convincing people to buys some of the products she introduced me to. I would go to another one of her presentations anytime. I want to be like her!

Timothy Pinder
Just saw you at FETC and you were great! A must see next year!

Sally Bair
I've heard Leslie present on digital photography at the NECC/ISTE conference. She's a fine photographer and excellent teacher/trainer. She's well organized and provides timely tips that always impact and improve my photos. She's a professional who has the ability to share her skills in a manner that is engaging, entertaining and most of all - easy to understand and retain. The bottom line, if you are interested in Leslie's topics, her presentations will be worth your time. She is first rate!


Had the privilege of seeing you at the recent FETC conference for both the Shootout and the Gadget session, both of which were fabulous!!!! During both presentation you demonstrated a gadget that instantly translated a foreign language to English, unfortunately, I did not write down the name of the gadget and was wondering if you might send me the information (yatesm2@ocps.net). Thanks and Again you were FABULOUS!!!!

I saw Leslie present at MACUL 2011 and she was great. I learned a lot. Wish the presentation was on some kind of video so I could review it. Hope Leslie presents next year at MACUL.

Leslie, you were a great ball of energy and knowledge at ITEC last fall in Iowa City. I am glad to see you are scheduled for the Des Moines conference this fall, and look forward to more gadget updates! Great info!!

Shelly Reckow VanVoorst
 watched Leslie "light up" a room and get people super stoked to be working with technology and some of its gadgets at MACUL 2011.  I made sure to get to a couple of the sessions that she was hosting due to her lively and highly engaging manner in presenting.  I love it when I can attend a session to not only learn something new, or work on a skill, but to enjoy it, and have it presented by someone with such a positive attitude!  Fabulous! 😊

I've seen Leslie present at our state educational technology conference. I love her enthusiasm for what she's presenting. She is very knowledgeable about the latest gadgets (present and future), apps, etc. When I leave her sessions I always look forward to telling everyone I know about what she has shown me. Her personality is very fun and friendly and seems like she enjoys meeting new people. Going to her sessions is a must every year I attend!

Jane Evans
Leslie is one of the few presenters I always make it point to attend her sessions and I have seen a lot of presenters in almost 30 years of education.  She is constantly updating her presentations so even if you have seen her presentation in the past there is something new.  I have seen the Good, Bad and the Ugly several times and always come away with something new.  She relates easily to people and patiently answers all questions.  She encourages her audience to become friends with her on Facebook.  I friended her just to get technology updates, but I think we have become true friends. I don't think that many people out on the circuit care that much about their audience to become true friends.  Leslie is the real deal.

I had the opportunity to assist to Digita days in Buffalo, New York. Leslie was a great presenter in the Workflow topic of the workshop. She also provides excellent tips on how to take pictures and how to use light, etc. SHe also was very friendly when answering questions from the audience. I will keep her on my list of speaker anytime that she is around on the east coast.

Digital days Las Vegas... fantastic Leslie.... I want to attend another next year. Suggestion.... smaller hotel!! Mandalay Bay is just too huge. Anyhow, thanks, and looking forward to another great year.

Lewis Hine

Rich Watkins-San Diego
My wife and I attended the seminars for two days in Las Vegas. Not only are the seminars VERY informative... they are just plain fun! I (husband) fall asleep really easy during presentations... not in this one! We are so inspired by the things we learned we are planning photography trips to get creative. Also, besides being a good seminar presenter... You are just loveable!!! I hope we can attend your seminars in the future!

Leslie presented numerous sessions at our annual Indiana Computer Educator conference!  She is informative, innovative, honest and best it's obvious she loves what she does!  She is always willing to help and give advice!
She is amazing!!!

I was at ITEC and loved your presentation - again. 😊 I blogged about my ITEC experience, and mentioned you. Feel free to cite this as a testimonial. [url=http://blammers66.blogspot]http://blammers66.blogspot[/url].... Thanks again for attending ITEC.

Sherry Wallace
Just came back from 2 days at ITEC and 3 sessions with Leslie.  Her presentations are fabulous.  Information current and well organized - welcomes questions.  I feel like I have gained a world-class techie friend.  Thanks much!  Sherry Wallace

I went to the Georgia Educational Technology Conference. It was great but I have to admit the best part was Leslie Fisher. I had no idea who she was until co-workers said I had to check her out so I did. The one thing you need to know about her presentations is you can't go to just one. They are that awesome! She is a real person, who knows alot about educational technology and speaks my language!! I heart Leslie Fisher!!!

Hi Leslie,
I attended a Digital Days workshop a couple years back (in PHX). You gave a brief lecture on Lightroom and how cool it is. Because of you I have been hooked!!! You really are awesome and I appreciate your awesomeness. Keep up the great work!!! (Sorry took me so long to say thank you)

Just saw you at TIES in MN by far the best presentation I saw! Fun, educational, and relaxing at the end of two long days. Thanks for all the great tips and tricks!

I have seen Leslie present at Ties in Minnesota the past two years. The next few days following her sessions I I get what she calls the "puffy eyes." This is due to being up all night checking out the cool things she has shared with me. She is a great presenter and is very knowledgeable, I always look forward to seeing her. 

Your presentations at the Minnesota TIES Conference in Minneapolis this week was fantastic!!  You are a great presenter with tons of information, secrets, and a personality to gel with any group.  I am the one who gave you the cough drop so hope you made it back to California without your cough medicine!!  I look forward to listening to you again.
Linda Heier  lheier@fed.k12.mn.us

Kathy Niebuhr
Leslie presentation on Web 2.0 was awesome!  It is great to see and hear in one place some of the latest and greatest that the web has to offer educators, put in educators' terms and examples!  Thanks for coming to Minnesota and to TIES11....you rock!  

Leslie was awesome!  She knew so many cool and useful websites for personal and professional uses in Education.  Very upbeat and funny.

Amanda Knox
Leslie presented at ITEC this past year (here in Iowa) and she not only had a packed room (why would they not give her a bigger space?) but also had the entire audience smiling and laughing out loud at times.  We even got a little knowledge thrown in the mix!  She is a wonderful presenter and teacher who makes things easy to understand without sounding condescending. 

Traci Musso
Leslie has presented at LACUE (Louisiana Computer Using Educators) every year that I have gone.  My friend and I have a "stalk Leslie day" where we attend every session.  It is always entertaining and informative.  This year she had food poisoning and what a trooper!  She knew we would be disappointed and didn't miss a single session!

Jeff D.
I attended the Sony Digital Days photography workshop in Cincinnati, OH in April 2012.  Leslie was the primary presenter for the second day, when we did the model shoots.  Her advice was spot-on and her offbeat delivery method helped to keep a lively atmosphere in the room.  In many classroom settings, a room full of adult students can be boring as many adults like to listen but not speak-up and engage the room.  Leslie was undaunted by this and managed to keep her energy up the entire time, which was key in keeping the attention of the attendees.  Thank you, Leslie, for your part in making this a great workshop.

JoAnna Noll Bednar
I am a beginner when it comes to digital photography.I had the pleasure of seeing Leslie present at a Digital Days workshop. She was great to listen to & learn from and was funny and down to earth! I would recommend anyone to attend a workshop/lecture of hers. She is very passionate about her work as an educator (among her other many talents) and is easy to approach with questions. A very enjoyable experience!

Julie Malta
I've seen Leslie 4 or 5 times now, and I learn so much EVERY time!!!  She shares so much information and keeps the crowd engaged the whole time.  We were sad to have to go to other presenters after we had seen the 3 she did today!  

Damien Silveira
Leslie is an engaging dynamic presenter. She has a wonderful ability to mix in just the right amount of humor at exactly the right moment to give the attendee's mind a moment to process the technical details that she is presenting. I walked away from her presentation feeling invigorated instead of exhausted as happens with some presenters.  She is one of the coolest GEEKS I have ever met and being a software engineer, I have met a lot of GEEKS.

Nancy Couto
I just saw Leslie this morning at the MDLC2012.  Leslie, I stopped you in the hallway to tell you what an awesome job you this morning.  I was so sad that you did not have longer to present this morning.  You had only 45 minutes, and that wasn't long enough.  I really hope that you will come back to our conference next year.  I am already telling the folks at the MISD that you need to have a longer time slot.  Thank you for such an awesome presentation this morning.  It was great!

Kathy Niebuhr
Leslie's presentations at TIES in Minnesota were so informative (and entertaining)!  She has a heart of titanium-infused techno-madness when it comes to using technology to engage learners.  I attended three of her presentations at TIES and am excited to begin implementing some of her ideas today--the day after--the presentations. Thanks to Leslie for keeping us all in the loop on technology and its implications for today's learners.  She rocks!

Kathy Niebuhr
Library/Media Specialist
Albert Lea Area Schools
Albert Lea, MN  

When I walked into the Gadgets presentation, having a seat was enough to make me happy.  I was so tired that I didn't even stop to think about the overflowing crowd. Imagine my shock when time slid and I found that I had become so engrossed that fifty-five minutes had past!  

Marjorie B
Shout out to a fantastic Presenter!! GO LESLIE!!

Oklahoma Teacher
Loved all the information you shared at ISTE 2013! Thank you:)

Kris Wood-Geier
1/2 day class today, wish it had been a full day. Great information.

peg phelps
Would be very disappointed if I did not learn something new in Leslie's presentations! Have been to 10 or 12 - a Leslie Fisher junkie!

Saw you at CUE Nevada this morning! WOW! Smart and funny, that's a winning combination. The technological advances you shared were awe inspiring. Hope to check a few of them out.

I had the pleasure of being in two of your sessions at the gaetc in Atlanta. After seeing you in the first session, I stayed for another and it was great. You are fast and witty. Your material is relevant and practical and delivered with just enough ADOS to keep me with you. I hope to learn from you again. So.Cal is great but the Southeast is sweet like tea. Don't be a stranger!

 Provi Soto-Alicea
I was at #GaETC13 and they had Leslie in a smaller room (bad idea) while they prepared the closing session in a bigger room. There were so many people waiting for her next and last session that they had to move her into the much large closing session room (Great Idea!) We did not mind the last minute move because she always does a great presentation.

 Fred Kunze
I have been a room "monitor" at the Minneapolis TIES Conference for many years. I have asked to monitor Ms. Fisher's sessions for the last 3 years because she is a great presenter, lively delivery, has content that is up to date and useful. In 2013 at TIES, her room held over 100 people but the attendees far exceeded that limit, spilling over int the hallways. She wisely, and on the spot, set up a live session for those who could not get in for their
tablets and phones.

(Retired Teacher)

Leslie connects with and understands her audience. She makes great choices in material and infuses humor in her talks so that the audience is not overwhelmed with all the solid material she provides. Very quick on her feet, Leslie keeps the momentum of her presentation and always hits on the importance of being a dynamic and flexible educator. She inspires the crowd to explore and play with technology in order to find the best possible uses for the classroom. In terms of personality, Leslie is incredibly sincere and approachable, and she treats everyone as if they were the most important person in the room.

Mary Carlson
Leslie Fisher has been a fabulous presenter at MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users and Learners) for several years now - and she's among the best ever! I'm looking forward to her Google Glass presentation this coming Friday morning at this year's MACUL conference in Grand Rapids!

Thanks for making me more efficient and lifting my appreciation for technology. I only regret not getting into hear your session on Google glass. I sure will next time. Oh and a 1hour session seemed like half that! It was busy following what you we doing while being totally entertained. Thank you! And keep it up.

Ann Black
I have heard Leslie Fisher at separate MACUL conferences and she is amazing. Her presentations are so full of wonderful resources for your personal life as well as your professional life. I have learned so many cutting edge ideas before they blew up. I had a twitter account due to Ms. Fisher before anyone even had accounts except for college professors. She is worth whatever cost you need to pay. The last educational conference I paid for myself because I knew just her workshops would be worth the cost! Worth every penny!

Mary Ottenwess
Thank you so much for returning to MACUL this year! I look forward to your sessions each year and the Augmented Reality session was awesome. My brain went into hyperdrive with ways I could use this in classrooms throughout our school. Learning, entertainment and pure fun throughout!

Mary Ann Bowes
Sadly, I missed Leslie's new Augmented Reality session at the MACUL Conference this year, but I made it to Photo and Video Tips, Tricks, and Apps for Education. I went to the exact same pre-conference workshop last year, but knew that I would come away with familiar ideas reinforced and a head swimming with new information. Leslie did not disappoint. From small tips like placing your lighted phone underneath a drink to more complicated topics like megapixels and focus and HDR, she kept the room fascinated for three and a half hours. I was sad to see the afternoon end.

Sharonda M. H.
Leslie presented and was a keynote speaker at the SC Midlands Summit in Columbia, SC. First let me say I love how she interacts with attendees. Not only is she informative and knowledgeable, she also has a wonderful personality that is filled with wit. Thank you so much for the wealth of information you provided, and I look forward to learning more from you and the wonderful resources you provided.

Ms. Clark
Fabulous webinar last night on PBS. Where can I get a list of the apps you talked about please? Thank you!

Krista Stubbs
I saw Leslie Fisher at the recent ICE conference in Noblesville, IN and it was the best session of the day. She is witty and fun and also offers PRACTICAL applications for the tech talks she gives.

LACUE 2014 - AWESOME!!! I learned soooo much from you! Thanks!!!

Chuck Ginter

As they say... "All good things must come to an end." And so it is with the undergraduate pre-service education course that I taught this semester. As a "final" assignment the students in my “Computer Applications in Education” course had to write a brief paper reflecting on "the semester" and what they "took away" from the past 11 weeks. After reading their papers, I just had to send you this email as needless to say, you made the "highlight reel." I hope you enjoy the comments (below) from some of the students.

Thanks again for taking the time to Skype with us.

See you at ISTE.



“Skyping with Leslie, however, was definitely one of the highlights of this course. Speaking to someone traveling all across the world and presenting such innovative ideas was much more meaningful than reading about her. She came alive through video chatting, something that would not have happened when reading about her on paper or online. Instantaneous feedback was definitely one of the best aspects of this Skype session. Any questions that popped into my head, I could immediately ask.”

Ellen P.

“One of my favorite classes was the Skype session with Leslie Fisher because she is an amazing resource and has a wealth of knowledge. It was cool to see how passionate she is about integrating technology in the classroom and then to hear about how much success she has had. She is so easy to follow and stay connected with, which I plan to do! I know she will be a useful connection and resource in my future. I also loved that we used Skype to have a guest speaker because I realized how convenient and possible it is in the classroom.”

Brittani B.

“Throughout this term, I learned a great deal about educational technology and how to use it in my classroom. I think that the most informative part of the class was the Skype session with Leslie Fisher. Being able to hear from a technology specialist was educational in a number of ways. One way is that I learned about new technologies such as Plickers. I would like to use this technology in my classroom some day, for although many students today now have smart phones or tablets, there are still some students without those technologies (of which I was one in high school) that I want to be able to participate in technology driven formative assessments. This session was also informative because it illustrated the power of social media, and allowing my students and myself to be able to connect with experts in certain fields. As you repeatedly reminded us, that session would not have been possible without Facebook, so that lesson has been firmly implanted in my brain. “

Bradley B.

“Another activity we did that was very beneficial to me was the video conference with Leslie Fisher. Talking with her helped to open me up to some of the amazing possibilities that lie ahead of us in education thanks to technology. It was also somewhat comforting to me that a woman who is as big of a proponent of technology as she is shares my concern for the possible negative effects of technology for introverted children. For me, my biggest worry when it comes to technology is the negative consequences on social interacting skills. So hearing that she shares some of the same concerns at least makes me feel like I am not alone in my thinking, and that people who are as intelligent as her are trying to find solutions to this problem.”

Stephen R.

…“I was thrilled to have one of my final memories be of our Skype session with Leslie Fisher. Yes, she’s a hoot and I could listen to her talk for hours. Yes, it was cool to hear a plethora of information on technology in the classroom today. And yes, it was really cool to be doing all of this while she’s across the country. Yet, what I walked away absorbing the most from this experience was the importance of socialization in education. While it’s clear that I now have access to nearly any technology I could dream of to assist my teaching, my greatest resources are those who are around me willing to share and talk. The relationship that Prof. Ginter has with Leslie is a gift, but is maintained through effort and care. We’re not alone in this endeavor to change the world through education, but it’s on us to reach out and utilize the many great minds out there. (Plus, it’s clear through our course that this should be easier than ever to achieve!)”

Diana G.

Alana Bonds
Wow! My gigabyte is full! She is the most amazing, energetic, and enthusiastic presenter ever! AETC conference in Birmingham is now the best! Great tips!

Leslie Fisher was the Keynote Speaker for ACTEM in Maine. It was great. I loved the heads up on all the new technology and seeing the progress we have made in technology. She was an excellent speaker. Very Engaging!

Leslie was my favorite at GAETC last year and again this year! She is real and funny and so darn engaging as a presenter! Her session time flies by too fast and you always learn something new and useful. She is such a gifted speaker and knows her stuff and she never fails to keep her audience laughing along the way. The only bad part about her sessions is that they eventually come to an end.

Elizabeth Fowler
I had the privilege to be in Leslie's demo class for FETC 2016 TechShare. I learned lots of great ways to use sites like Formative, Seesaw, Google Photos, and Kahoot from a teacher and student perspective. Leslie's knowledge of education and technology is phenomenal. Her presentation style is fun and funny. I highly recommend her as an awesome presenter and trainer.

James Flatmo
Saw you at NCCE, you're a horrible terrible awful presenter!

Kidding. Sorry. You said there's always one every conference so I figured I'd try to be first 😉

Really enjoyed your presentation, I'm not new to augmented reality but you showed some new (and cool!) stuff I hadn't seen and I walked away with some good ideas... so thanks! 😊

Jody Tracy Leonard
Amazing information! Augment Your Reality, Gadgets, & Screencasting. Leslie Fisher you are incredible! Thank you for being at NCCE 2016.

 Ryan Lisek
Leslie was, hands down, my favorite presenter at MACUL 2016! She opened my eyes to many of the tools I've searched for to enhance my classroom, but couldn't find the one that fit my needs. Her energy and passion to inform teachers about how to integrate technology into their classroom was amazing. Thank you, Leslie for returning to MACUL and I hope to see you next year in Detroit for MACUL 2017!

Amy Dean-Doty
I saw Leslie at ITIP Ohio, 2016. She was dynamic, intelligent, funny and informative. Once attendees heard her, they wanted to go to all her presentations, I felt the same way. Energetic, exciting, knowledgeable - could you ask for more?

Well done! I attended the ITIP Ohio May 2016 conference and she proved to be informative, funny, down to earth and full of energy! Great Job Leslie, I signed up for her newsletter to stay informed on the latest and greatest gadgets, apps etc related to technology! Ah for technology . . . Emergency - What a pleasure!

Tikeyah Whittle
Leslie presented at the PBS Digital Innovator Conference in Denver, CT. Not only is she entertaining and fun to listen to, but she provided me, and I'm sure many others, with amazing ideas on how to incorporate technology in the classroom. I cannot wait to use them! Thanks, Leslie!

Yvette Shockey
Go listen to Leslie Fisher, they said. She's a hoot, they said. You'll learn a lot and laugh out loud they said. "They" were right. This will be the 5th MACUL conference I plan to listen and laugh with Leslie at. She is a hoot, you will laugh, and you will learn a lot.

(*Disclaimer: "They" is actually my husband, and though he was a fan of Leslie before me, he now refers to Leslie as my "twitter crush." I think he's just jealous.)

 Shannon Sanchez
I saw Leslie at the CUE Conference 2017 in Palm Springs. I learned more in her hour presentation than in the rest of the weekend combined! Great energy, lots of fun & tons of resources I've never even heard of. I could not recommend her more!!

Saw Leslie at CUE last week - best presentation of the weekend. I've already used some tools (they really were Tools for Tomorrow!) and I can't help gushing to my colleagues. If she's ever presenting anywhere I am, I'll be at her session!

Charlene McPeek
Currently sitting in your tools you can use tomorrow presentation, and just had to take a sec. to give you kudos. Your dynamic and fun approach is a breath of fresh air!! Thanks for scouring the web and sharing all of your awesome finds. BTW, if you ever decide you need to add an Administrative Assistant to your one-woman show-I’m your girl!!

Mary Ann Bowes
For the past several years I've tried to pack in as many Leslie Fisher sessions as I can at the MACUL Conference. Not only has she been an invaluable resource for new ideas and gadgets for my classroom, but her photography tips have greatly enhanced my enjoyment of taking and editing pictures. Who knew that using "Levels" in Photoshop Elements lightened pictures so much better than "Brightness and Contrast"? That tip alone is worth its weight in gold.
The only negative is that I always come away from Leslie's sessions wanting some new gadget or app. Thanks for all the great ideas (and laughs), Leslie. I'm already saving my money for next March. Oh, and I do adore my new iPad 2.

Kimber Gebura
Just wanted to tell you that I credit you with changing my life. Prior to attending the workshop and listening to you, I was a photographer wanna-be, with an abstract dream of starting a business as a photographer. Well, today I filed for my business name registration and set up my website (with SmugMug, thanks for that advice as well!) It is all just falling into place and you gave me the motivation and courage to do it. Thank you!!!!!

I love giving someone a moment in time thru photos and now I will be sharing that with many more people!

Paul Ebner
I am a retired grampa and have been trying to understand Adobe Photoshop ever since I bought Elements 6.  I gave up on it a couple years ago but was tempted again to try and get a handle on this.  I just purchased Elements 10 and was poking around looking for some help in taking another run at this monster.  I stumbled onto one of your video presentations and I have to say that you are the first trainer that I have understood on this topic.  Thank you for you clear down to earth explanations.  You are a Gem!

Brock Libby
I just finished attending the TIES Conference in Minneapolis and Leslie has been the highlight of the conference for me two years running.  She does a great job of refreshing about 80% of her material to keep it from becoming a canned presentation, and I appreciate her effort to make the information useful for everyone, not just first time participants.  I immediately got home and started signing up for most of the sites she mentioned, it really energized me for the rest of the year.

At ISTE 2012 learning a lot of great information from Leslie. Woo Hoo!

Julian Wilson
Learned a Great deal at iPad training with Leslie. Amazing how she could always one up us.  She would say "do you know how to"...and we said "sure"...then Leslie goes, "but did you know that you can..." then room goes "Oooooooo, cool!!!". That's Leslie's presentation in a nutshell. She is amazing!!! 

Kristie Hayes
Attended several of Leslie's sessions at NETA2013! Each and everyone of her presentations were very enjoyable and packed full of great information. In everyone of her sessions she covered a lot of material in a very understandable way. Great job Leslie, look forward to attending another one of your sessions.

Best of Iste 2013. Wish I had gone to both presentations!

Judy Bowling
I have had the privilege of learning from Leslie at the MACUL conference for many years! She is always energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about what she teaches and shares with her audience! Regardless of the topic, everyone leaves her sessions in awe of what they have seen and learned. Most recently, I attended her training session on Augmented Reality. Since this session, I have become a self-proclaimed AR addict as I'm sharing it with everyone! I'm using coLAR to inspire kids to do some creative writing and we're using Arasma to bring our American Revolution biographical sketches to life! My son is using the anatomy app for his AP anatomy class. He thinks it's much better than the coloring he's doing right now. I am also going to hold myself accountable to learning more about AR and how to incorporate it into our instruction by presenting at our district's PD in August. Leslie's enthusiasm for learning and for staying current with today's technology is contagious!

Susan Hood
I saw Leslie at the Tech Show in Caterville, IL. She was awesome as usual. She is energetic, enthusiastic and always fun. I learned many new things and had a great time!

Debbie Klapp
I saw Leslie at KYSTE 2015 and she was amazing. I gained a wealth of information and was entertained as well. Everyone that saw her wanted to sign up for every presentation she did! I can't wait to hear her speak and teach again!!

Amy Dean-Doty
I saw Leslie at ITIP Ohio, 2016. She was dynamic, intelligent, funny and informative. Once attendees heard her, they wanted to go to all her presentations, I felt the same way. Energetic, exciting, knowledgeable - could you ask for more?