Christine Summers


Leslie Fisher is a gifted presenter. You can tell that her number one goal is to help educators better meet the needs of their students through technology.  She always has a ton of information to share but is capable in doing so in a manner that does not overwhelm the audience. Her presentation methods have always left me empowered with what I have learned and encouraged to try new things. I seek out Leslie's sessions at any large technology conference, and arrive at them early, because I know that I will learn a lot from her.

I also personally use her membership as my own On-Demand PD. If I hear of something new somewhere, I search the membership area first and can usually find some sort of information on the topic. I love having access to her videos, slides, and whatnot any time that I feel I need to learn more. I especially find myself using her membership materials to learn about a new product before I have to share the product with my faculty or principal.  I highly recommend a subscription to her membership.  

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