Kathy Blankenship


I won't lie. I've become a Fan Girl. You know, one of those squealing little teeny-boppers who follows in the wake of greatness, taking selfies along the way? (Only I'm a teacher and almost 50, but still...)

Leslie always, without fail, has something new to offer EVERY time I attend one of her sessions. Whether it's learning key features and functions of Adobe products, checking out the newest Gadgets, or hearing an idea that I can,  (literally... I've done it), send back to my class to try during her session, I never leave empty-handed. 

Her genuine and sparkling personality makes learning fun again. In fact, I've been known to attend conferences solely based on knowing that Leslie Fisher was going to present. 

It's not unusual that when attending teacher conferences, quite a few of the sessions I choose turn out to be a bust. Either the information is something I already know, or it just doesn't apply to my teaching situation. I know that when Leslie is going to be there, I can count on making good use of my time.

No matter what you teach, (or are trying to learn!),  attending a Leslie Fisher session will make your time worthwhile!

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