Tim Price


I have had the pleasure of seeing Leslie in person at the CUE conference.  My first experience watching Leslie present was by happenstance.  I was sitting in a session that did not meet my needs so I moved to her session about 15 minutes into it.  Just after sitting down and listening I knew I was where I needed to be!  Leslie is a dynamic presenter with an energy and passion for what she does that I've seen in no other!  A few months later I tried to see another session at the National CUE conference; however, the line was out the door and I was unable to get in to see.  It was then I found her web page and webinars.  Having just watched her webinar on Rocketbooks, I am again convinced that Leslie Fisher should be someone everyone experiences at least once in their career!  

Thank you Leslie for presenting with passion and a realness that resonates to those of us in the classroom!  I hope to have the opportunity to see you present again at future CUE conferences!

Tim Price Hanford, CA Saw Leslie, Attended a Leslie Webinar