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So, What Say You?

Did you hire me to present at a conference or saw me presenting and thought.... Hey! I kinda liked that and want to let other people know that Leslie kid is pretty ok.

Attended a webinar I conducted or joined my Tier One Membership and want to share your experience?

Well, here is your chance! Please use the form below to post a testimonial. This page helps people who have not seen present get to know about my presentation style, etc. Imagine someone heading back to a school and suggesting me to their administrator. That administrator might not even know me. This page will help them get a feel for me! It happens often that someone says "I had no idea who you were but my teachers demanded I bring you in and once I read your testimonials I felt more comfortable doing so".

This page also gives me a lot of warm fuzzies. When I am on a crowded plane after a long day discovering a new testimonial and reading the other existing testimonials always makes me smile. 

For security purposes, I will be screening them before posting. So, if you do not see it right away imagine it sitting in a little comment hopper.

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