All About The Rocketbook

All About The Rocketbook

I have mentioned the Rocketbook in my Gadgets presentation for a few years now and was happy when the gang at Rocketbook approached me asking if I would be interested in my very own Rocketbook. I now offer them at conferences bundled with my membership as a book signing as well as have them available for purchase standalone in my online store.

Thing is, now that I am doing this, people are even more curious about the Rocketbook. I have some sites buying them for their attendees and wanting me to add a class so people can learn more about them.

So, here it is! This session is not designed to be a sales pitch. It's designed to give an overview of what the Rocketbook is, how it works, tips and tricks and how teachers, educators, and administrators are using the Rocketbook in education.

Looking for some Rocketbook content at your conference but not an entire class about it? Check out my Art of the Capture Class.

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